Granville Island Public Market

The weather has been so hot here lately, but I think it’s finally starting to calm down! Technically, it’s going to rain for the next week (typical rain-couver) but it’s still beautiful here when it rains :).

So, today my family and I went to Granville Island (mainly for the food haha).  The Granville Island Public Market is really similar to the Chelsea Market in New York, but it’s much larger.



There is so so so much food here, but the two things I always get when I come here are bagels (from Siegel’s Bagels) and clam chowder pot pie (from à la mode).

IMG_3323.JPG I got an everything bagel with lox and cream and onions. It tastes amazing, but I think I might try it with the bagel toasted next time.

I also got 2 clam chowder pot pies to share with my family.  I never get tired of it! The soup is delicious, but the crust is what makes it irresistible..!


Now, there aren’t many seats, so it’s quite hard to find a table to eat.  You’ll either have to wait until there’s an open seat, or you could easily take your food out and eat it sitting on a bench enjoying the lovely view.

Next time I visit, I’m definitely trying something new!

I have to say Granville Island is one of my favorite places in Vancouver.  What’s yours??



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